School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Architecture student

Located in the heart of Oregon’s largest metropolitan area, students enrolled in the School of Architecture and Allied Arts Portland programs are immersed in an urban laboratory that draws from the city’s creative culture and connects to the rich architecture and design community. Lead by top faculty and researchers, students tackle studio-based coursework with state-of-the-art technology in light-filled workspaces.

The school offers advanced level degrees, with a master’s degree in architecture and fifth-year bachelor of fine arts in digital arts and product design. In addition, students and community members have access to continuing education workshops, exhibits, screenings and public lectures.

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Academic Programs

Architecture The Department of Architecture builds on more than twenty-five years of teaching in the city of Portland. The UO architecture program ranks number one in the nation for sustainable design education. Architecture studies in Portland utilizes this vibrant city as a laboratory. The program is defined by strong connections to the urban landscape and examines ways to strengthen relationships between individual buildings, public spaces, and the fabric of urban neighborhoods. Courses emphasize a strong foundation in urban design, coupled with design studios that focus on critical issues of the region.

Digital Arts The Department of Art's Digital Arts Program at the University of Oregon encourages students to combine new media and visual art theory with strong technical sophistication, a rich sense of visual design, and an ability to articulate artistic research. The Digital Arts Program offers a fifth-year bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree in Portland at the White Stag Block. The Portland BFA program focuses on research, thesis, production and installation. BFA students exhibit their terminal projects in the White Stag's exhibition and project space, White Box.  

Product Design Product designers create the tools, transportation, computers, clothes, sofas, and sports equipment to fit the changing needs of our lives. The Product Design Program provides a thorough grounding in the use, invention, and production of consumer goods.  Students learn to develop projects from a personal, local and global perspective by addressing the needs of individuals, communities and industry. Faculty members focus equally on high- and low-tech working methods, stressing hand skills alongside 3-D rendering and printing. Students with an interest in being rigorous, critical, hands-on, mission-driven designers are perfect candidates for product design BA and BS degree programs in Eugene and the fifth-year BFA degree program in Portland.