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The state-of-the-art, White Stag Block serves as the UO's hub of activity, discussion, and debate in Portland with lectures, exhibitions, seminars, classes and other public events

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You’ve probably heard about Portland. The hipsters, the lines around the block to choose a doughnut…that it works hard to stay weird. Sure, those things are true, but there’s so much more. It buzzes with activity, innovation, creativity and connections. It’s the hardworking powerhouse of the region, where companies from around the world choose to have headquarters. It’s humble and approachable. It’s legit.

The University of Oregon has long been part of the fabric of Portland. And while home will always be Eugene, we hold Portland close to our heart. Each school and college in Portland is there to fill a specific need. Professional academic programs align students with industry leaders. Other departments bring the resources and partnerships of campus to alumni, donors, friends and prospective students.

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AroundtheO provides online news coverage for University of Oregon faculty, staff, and students, and to the community and the general public. AroundtheO showcases how the UO is continuing the university's academic mission in Portland, where it partners with community organizations and brings the resources of the campus in Eugene to the Portland community.


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With its aged brick, light-filled spaces, industrial touches, cast iron beams, and sweeping views of the waterfront, the White Stag Block transports visitors back to an old Portland era. But modern touches, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable renovations, make the UO’s Portland home a charming and convenient place to host academic and public events, meetings and conferences.



Students at the UO in Portland are working toward master's degrees in architecture, strategic communication, business administration, sports product management, law and multimedia journalism. Fifth-year programs are also offered in product design and digital arts, as well as courses geared to professional continuing education.