Innovation Building


Innovation rendering classrooms

A space where research, collaboration and technology thrive.

Renovations designed by TVA Architects

Opening Fall 2024

Outside Innovation Building Spring 2023

Future home to:

  • Immersive Media Communication
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Oregon Reality Lab
  • Product Design
  • Sports Product Design
  • Sports Product Management
  • Strategic Communications

See renovations photos from inside the building:

Multipurpose Events Space

Creative Spaces




Year built, with additions in 1951 and 1993
Square feet


Rendering of Innovation Building event space


From end to end

What's sure to become a landmark location on campus was most recently three small rooms with drop ceilings and fabric walls. Renovations will reveal it's soaring vaults, restore its original wood ceiling and create a multipurpose space for class presentations and intimate events. 

This rendering of the events space inside the Innovation Building shows students assembled for poster reviews at moveable bulletin board. The space has a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.

Renderings are for illustrative purposes.


Renovation Photos


Before Innovation Building event space part three
Before - west room


Before image of Innovation Building event space
Before - east room


Before Innovation Building event space center
Before - middle room
Renovations Innovation Building event space
During - west end
During Innovation Building event space
During - east end
Innovation Building wood detail
During - wood plank uncovered and saved


Innovation Buildings rendering hallway



Space for innovation

From maker spaces to technology labs, students will have all the tools they need to design, experiment, create and explore in ways that prepare them for careers of the future.  


Renovation Photos


Before photo of a hallway in the Innovation Building. There are several light wood stained doors on each side, florescent lighting and tan linoleum floors.


Before photo of what will be part of the Sports Product Management space. It is an office space with carpet, desks and drop ceiling.
Before - Sports Product Management


Before Innovation OR Lab
Before - Oregon Reality Lab
A demolition photo of the Sports Product Management space shows construction rubble piled around the space. Walls have been removed to create a bigger space. A wheelbarrow and other tools are in the center of the room.
During - Sports Product Management
UO employees in construction vests and hard hats look up at the roof of the Sports Product management space during early renovations. The ceiling is open to the beams above. During renovation, it was discovered that the windows in the room had been covered at the top and now will be the full size.
During - Sports Product Management
During photo of the renovations to the Sports Product Management space show the concrete floor broken up into pieces.