UO Portland Campus Center


Portland Campus Center rendering shows the first floor with an information desk. A bright yellow O is on the wall above. The space is open to the second floor. The rear of the rendering shows students walking into the dining room.

A place to support students.

Renovations designed by Opsis. 

Opening Fall 2024


Future home to:

  • Student Life & Belonging
  • Student lounge
  • Event space
  • Duck Nest
  • Technology help desk
  • Dining
  • Fabrication Lab
  • Output room
  • Student services and resources






Year built, with an addition in 1980
Square feet

Located in the middle of campus, the renovated UO Portland Campus Center will create the heart and hearth for students. From gathering spots to study or hang out, to resources to help navigate sensitive topics, to help with printing or computers, this will be the place to bring everyone together. 

UO Portland Campus Center rendering dining room shows a bright and open space with a variety of seating and tables. The ceiling has a pattern of dropped tiles in tones of gray and light green. The back of the rendering show a wall of windows and doors that open to a patio.

Renderings are for illustrative purposes.


Before - UO Portland Center lobby with a large C on the right and an area filled with plants on the left. The background shows the entry into the kitchen.
Before - Lobby


Before photo of the UO Portland Campus Center shows the exterior entry into the dining room. Couches are in the forefront with tables in the background. A second level cuts into the space with windows looking over the area.
Before - Dining Room
Before photo of the main entry of the UO Portland Campus Center. The left of the photo shows the entry doors, in the middle is a wall with an old art installation, on the left is the entry to the main dining room.

Before - Lobby

Before photos shows the dining room of the UO Portland Campus Center. The space is dark and filled with tables full of old electronics to remove.

Before - Dining Room

During renovation of the UO Portland Campus Center. This photo shows the main entry of the building. Finishes have been removed in preparation to remove a wall on the left.

During - Lobby

During renovations of the dining area of the UO Portland Campus Center. The space has been stripped down to remove former finishes.

During - Dining Room