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We are here for you.

The Office of Student Life and Belonging is here to connect you with campus and community resources intended to support your well-being and meet your basic needs, so that you can focus on meeting your academic goals.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1.

If you are a UO Portland student, or if you know a UO Portland student, who is facing challenges with access to adequate food, stable housing, affordable childcare, or meeting other basic needs, please fill out our Basic Needs Assistance Form to request a response from our Basic Needs Care Coordinator. 

Sometimes students cannot or will not ask for support. Informing us of your concern may be a critical factor in getting them help.

Basic Needs Assistance Form

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Access Health and Wellness Resources

UO Portland students have access to resources to support their physical fitness, health, and mindfulness. Click on the link below to learn more about accessing these resources.

Learn more about health & wellness resources

Basic Needs at a Glance

Learn more about the assistance that our students access the most. If you have questions about accessing resources and support, or would like to talk to a UO Portland staff member about these resources, please reach out to our Student Life Care Coordinator.

If you would like to request basic needs assistance, please fill out the Basic Needs Assistance Form

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Food Resources

Learn about free and low-cost food resources on or near campus, including the Food Box Program, Student Life Food Pantry, Oregon Food Bank, and SNAP Benefits. 

If you are looking to supplement your food supply, we are here to help you navigate the various on- and off-campus resources. 

Food Resources

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Housing Resources

Find information on rental resources in the Portland Metro area, as well as on-campus housing at our Northeast Portland campus. Whether you need support with paying late rent or utilities, or searching for affordable off-campus housing, our office can assist you.


Housing Resources

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Academic Materials

We know that being a student is hard enough without having to worry about where you are going to get your academic materials. You can discover low-cost ways to get textbooks and other academic supplies, as well as resources to support your academic goals.


Academic Support

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Childcare Assistance

Did you know that the University can provide parents and guardians childcare support? Funding is available for student parents or guardians with children who are twelve years old and younger in childcare. We also hand-pick resources that help you find affordable childcare close to campus, your work, and your home. 

Childcare Resources






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