Highland Hall


Highland Hall rendering shows how the open center space of the building will have desks and work stations for students. The space is open with a high, curved ceiling and high windows.

Uncovering the beauty of a mid century building to inspire architects of the future. 

Before photo of Highland Hal shows red brick exterior and a curved roof painted beige.

Renovations designed by LEVER Architects

Opening Fall 2024

Future home to Architecture in the College of Design






Year built, with renovations in 1973, 2003 and 2007
Square feet



Rendering of the exterior of Highland Hall shows a new entry vestibule that comes out from the building several feel. It has a full glass opening and is black on the outside. The inside is lined with repurposed mass plywood panels from the TallWood Institute.


A cross-section rendering of Highland Hall shows conference rooms against the wall, an open center space with student work stations, and more conference rooms agains the other wall.


Rendering of Highland Hall shows students in front of a white board in a breakout conference room space.


Architectural rendering of Highland Hall shows the a way for studio space to be used with half walls to hang posters for review. The building has an open, curved ceiling with exposed rafter and high windows. The floor show a refinished original gymnasium floor.

Renderings are for illustrative purposes only. 




Photo from the 1960s shows Highland Hall when it was a gymnasium. A basketball hoop is at one end and a small stage at the other.
Gym space in 1965


Before photos of Highland Hall shows a dark hallway leading to multiple offices.
Before - Hall and Offices
Before photo of Highland Hall shows the auditorium space looking towards the stage. Original beams stockout from the side walls and the ceiling is low with rectangle florescent lights.

Before - Auditorium 

A photo of Highland Hall before renovations shows a person standing on the former theater stage, looking out to a closed room with auditorium seating and dropped ceiling.

Before - Auditorium 

During renovations of Highland Hall, the stage has been removed, but the risers for seating and dropped ceiling remain.

During - studio space

During renovations of Highland Hall, the original gymnasium floors were uncovered and the ceiling opened to the rafters above.

During - studio space