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Instagram: @uopdxstudentlife

Office locations: Suite 241 of White Stag     |     Suite 200 of the NE Portland Library and Learning Center


Meet our Team

Sarah Kutten

Sarah Kutten, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President for Students and Belonging

My role is to make sure that students have access to the support and resources they need to have a fantastic experience at UO Portland. I work closely with the UOPDX Leadership Team and our partners in Eugene to ensure that student needs and inclusion are at the core of our student life strategy and policy decisions. I look forward to seeing you on campus; if there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out!     |     503-412-3704

Fatuma Ali

Fatma Ali

Student Life Care Coordinator

With a passion for academia and a heart for helping, I have found my calling in ensuring that students not only thrive academically, but also have their basic needs met. Whether it's matching you with basic needs and care resources or lending a listening ear or reassuring smile, I am here to make sure that no student navigates their educational journey alone. If you see me around, please say hello and feel free to stop by my office any time.     |     503-412-3769

Emily Fischer

Emily Fischer

Student Life Engagement Coordinator

I work on all things student engagement - from coordinating events and advising student groups to partnering with community organizations. The goal of my work is to cultivate a positive campus culture and develop resources and engagement opportunities that meet the needs of our diverse and growing student body. You may see me running across campus to set up for an event, taking pictures to post on our Student Life Instagram (@uopdxstudentlife), or working in our Student Life Suite - no matter where you see me, be sure to say hi!     |     503-412-3701

Miles Marrow headshot

Miles Marrow

Director of Housing

I manage the daily operations of University Housing, academic and research initiatives, and related support services for university residents. I foster equity-minded and centralized support to upper-division undergraduates and graduates, and I am passionate about underrepresented student success in Higher Education. I can help with University Housing, wayfinding institutional resources, distinguished scholarships and research, and cultural capital (Yosso, 2005) of students in Higher Education. | 503-412-3707

picture of Elizabeth Gillingham sitting in front of a body of water, smiling, with her arms crossed in front of her

Elizabeth Gillingham

Career Advancement Coordinator

I’m here to support UO Portland students in their career journeys. I’d love to talk to you about how you might tell the stories of your experiences, take steps toward setting and achieving development goals, and start matching your skills and passions to opportunities in the “professional” world. I am committed to continuing to learn, to educating employers about the needs and realities of our students, and continuing to interrogate the norms of professionalism. Hope to get to know you throughout your time at UO!

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