Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the University of Oregon Portland

Hands coming together

UO Portland is committed to utilizing its geographically and culturally unique campus to support the university’s top three priorities within the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Creating more robust bridges for diverse students to enter the UO;

  • Increasing diversity and equity among faculty, staff, administrators, and students;

  • Creating a more inclusive and welcoming campus environment for all faculty, staff, and students.Diversity Action Plan 

UO Portland’s current top priorities in implementing our DAP:

1) Creating a welcoming physical space and online presence

2) Increasing opportunities for connection, communication, and community-building among faculty, staff, and students

3) Providing education and training

Learn more about our priorities and implementation strategies in our Diversity Action Plan.

Read about our 2018-2019 accomplishments

In order to achieve a truly inclusive and diverse environment we aim to fully integrate these goals into the overarching vision and strategies of the University of Oregon Portland. Inclusion cannot be an afterthought, but rather, an integrated aspect of every decision, policy, and prioritization.

Equity and Inclusion Committee

Charge: The UO Portland Equity and Inclusion committee organized around the efforts to create and implement a Diversity Action Plan specific to our campus.

Current members: 

Shannon Aniciete (Lundquist College of Business)
Michael Brown (UO Libraries)
Andrew DeVigal (School of Journalism and Communication)
Jane Gordon (Vice Provost, Portland)
Sherman Henry (Labor Education and Research Center)
Sarah Kutten (Office of the Vice Provost, Portland) (convener) 
Jennifer LaBelle (Board of Trustees)
Jennie Leander (Lundquist College of Business)
Evey Lennon (Office of the Vice Provost, Portland)
Katrina Loganimoce (Lundquist College of Business) 
Paula Martin (UO Libraries)
Piper Menke (School of Journalism and Communication)  
Cris Moss (Office of the Vice Provost, Portland)
Lina Stepick (Labor Education and Research Center)
Carrie Toth (Office of the Vice Provost, Portland)
Jessa Waters (College of Design)

Meetings: The fourth Thursday of the month at 1 p.m.

How to join: Email committee convener at skutten@uoregon.edu

Land acknowledgement

We acknowledge the land on which we sit and occupy at the University of Oregon in Portland. "The Portland Metro Area rests on traditional village sites of the Multnomah, Wasco, Cowlitz, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Bands of Chinook, Tualatin, Kalapuya, Molalla, and many other tribes who made their homes along the Columbia River creating communities and summer encampments to harvest and use the plentiful natural resources of the area" (Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable, 2018).  We take this opportunity to thank the original caretakers of this land. Read more about Portland's diverse and vibrant Native community.