Forms, Fees, & Resources

Getting Started

UO Portland's Scheduling & Event Services has compiled a helpful manual that serves as an overview and reference tool for clients who are planning events at the White Stage Block.

The Scheduling & Event Guidelines Manual outlines the policies, procedures, and facility information that governs the use of the facilities by both internal and external clients. Please review it before submitting your event request.

Scheduling & Event Guidelines Manual

Events at the new Northeast Portland campus will be very limited during the 2023-24 academic year to minimize disruption to our campus renovations. For information regarding events and spaces, contact UO Portland Event Services at

Scheduling & Reservations

When you are ready to schedule a room in the White Stag Block, you can do so through the online reservation tool.

In addition, you can apply for exhibit space in the Light Court Commons or request a study room


UO Portland charges room rental fees for many of its rooms and spaces. Room rental fees include:

  • Event Services
    • Coordination management and catering recommendation from the Event Manager.
  • Facility Services
    • Room setup as arranged and coordinated with the Event Manager prior to the event.
    • If applicable, Light Court Commons basic setup that includes a bar, buffet, registration table, and five bistro tables. 
  • Audiovisual Services
    • Basic AV in (most) rooms includes AV Technician support for event setup, plasma/projector with screen, microphone, basic videoconferencing.

Additional Fees may apply for:

  • Advanced Facility or AV needs
  • Weekend or extended hours events (starting before 8 a.m. or ending after 8 p.m.)
  • Security


All events held at the White Stag Block that will be serving food or refreshments of any kind must use a caterer from our Approved Caterer list. The list of caterers offers a variety of meal service options at multiple price points. This requirement protects the community by guaranteeing that food served is prepared in a commercially licensed kitchen by certified and licensed staff members. It also ensures that all caterers are operating in compliance with local Health Department regulations, as well as meeting the White Stag Block’s sustainability initiatives as a LEED certified building. If you would like to use a caterer who is not listed, please contact the event manager. Catering exceptions are subject to approval.

UO Departments Only - Catering Purchase Orders


Permission to serve alcoholic beverages on the University of Oregon in Portland facilities must be granted prior to any event. A UO staff or faculty member must be present when alcohol is served in the building. The Alcohol Request Form must be submitted no later than seven days prior to your event.

Refunds and Cancellations

Refunds for tickets purchased for an event held at the University of Oregon in Portland will depend upon the client issuing the tickets.

The university may terminate a Facility Use Agreement upon 15 days' written notice, to accommodate any facilities renovation or remodeling.The university further reserves the right to terminate a Facility Use Agreement at any time upon 30 days' written notice.

If a client wishes to terminate a Facility Use Agreement after it has been fully executed, the client may cancel the agreement up to seven days prior to the event date and the client will not pay a cancellation fee. If the notice is less than seven days prior to the event date, the client will pay a cancellation fee in the amount of 30 percent of the room rental fee.