uo portland library

The Move

Just like moving to a new house, there are many logistical details to move a university to a new campus. From determining where people and programs will go, to getting internet set up, to even learning about the quirks of each building, there is a lot to accomplish before we can open our doors.

Working groups – made up of content experts from various areas of the university – have been established to tackle the pressing logistical opportunities and challenges of making the campus ready for students, employees and community members.



  • March – Announcement of intent to purchase campus

  • June – Purchase finalized

  • August – Space planning starts

  • Fall – Space preparations begins


  • Winter – Design work by architecture firms, site and IT improvements begin

  • Spring – Renovations start, updated signage

  • July – Some employees and programs will begin to move

  • August/September – Some classes start on campus


  • Winter/Spring – Renovations of spaces continues
  • July – Final set of employees and programs expected to move (tentative schedule)

  • Fall – All UO Portland classes offered on campus (tentative schedule)